Lets Fight Extremism and Radicalization

Double staged Youth Exchange

Yerevan | Armenia 18-27 July 2019

[Arrival 17 July. Departure 28 July]

Poitiers | France 27 October- 3 November 2019

[Arrival 26 October. Departure 4 November]

SummaryCountries: France, Armenia, Estonia and Georgia

Coordinator Organization: Le Diwan des Mille et Un Mondes

Hosting organization: “Youth Life” Educational NGO

Let’s Fight Extremism and Radicalization” is a two-stage international youth exchange project which aims to gather 32 young people from 4 countries (France, Armenia, Georgia and Estonia) and empower and equip them to fight against extremism and radicalization.

Violent extremism and radicalization is a denial of democracy and of human rights. Unfortunately in Europe and beyond an increasing number of young people are being drawn into extremist movements in their search for identity and a meaningful place in society. Profound feelings of injustice and frustration about their social exclusion are amongst the main root causes contributing to young people’s vulnerability, and increase their willingness to adhere to extremist, sometimes violent groups, which offer an apparent social purpose to them.

In order to effectively commit to the elimination of radicalization and extremism, it is crucial to invest more in prevention measures targeting young people. Youth engagement activities form a cornerstone as youth can engage their peers on par taking advantage their own life stories.

Overall aims & Objectives:

The main aim of this two-stage Youth Exchange « Let’s Fight Extremism and Radicalization » is to create a platform where young people will demystify the concepts of radicalization and extremism, become more aware of processes and risks leading to radicalization and extremism and be empowered to engage in anti-extremism and de-radicalization efforts both individually and collectively within their local communities in general and among refugees and migrant communities in particular.

One journey: 2 stages!

Participation in both Youth Exchanges is preferable but NOT mandatory!

Objectives of the first stage: Youth Exchange in Armenia (18-27 July 2019)

– Explore the concept of radicalization and extremism among youth

– Explore the root causes for radicalization and extremism.

– Analyze the current situation and risks facing young people today, particularly young people among refugees/asylum seekers and migrants.

– Explore common European Values of tolerance, pluralism, non-discrimination, justice, solidarity and democracy and how youth can embrace and promote them in their local communities.

– Decide themes, topics and methods of the Youth Exchange Activity in France

– Form teams from participants to do research and observation in their local communities in order to find useful insights and opportunities for combating radicalization and extremism.

Objectives of the second stage: Youth Exchange in France (27 October- 3 November 2019)

– Provide opportunities to share good practices in fighting extremism and radicalization.

– Gather insights, learning, inspirations and experience of participants from their local communities and translate them into concrete project ideas.

– Equip participants with knowledge and skills in the field of project management in order to enable them to develop quality youth projects.

– Promote Erasmus + Programme and explain how young people can be involved in it.

– Develop concrete projects to be applied under Erasmus + Programme

– Transfer knowledge and skills through developing and publishing online a booklet “Youth Fighting Radicalization and Extremism”

Learn and share!

Participants of this project will be encouraged to facilitate/co-facilitate, share and present topics within the theme of the project. We aim to create a mutual learning environment where everyone can share and learn at the same time. The project is geared towards young people with fewer opportunities and the new comers to this field.

Unforgettable intercultural experience!

The project aims to provide a unforgettable and rich intercultural experience where people from different countries and culture bring their touch and insights to the project creating a synergy of learning and new friendships.

Discover Armenia!
Participants will have opportunities to discover Yerevan and Armenia. Participants will be given self-structured free time mainly to engage in activities of their choice. Optional excursions and trips will be organized making stay both as relaxing and fun as possible!

Note: Bear in mind that according to the guidelines of Erasmus+ program the travel back must be realized by participants on direct way within maximum of 2 days. In case of longer stays or indirect travel (holiday travel, etc) there is no chance of reimbursement. Always get the approval from organizers for your flight before purchasing it.

Early arrivals or late departures are at the responsibility of the participants to pay for stay. If you arrive early or leave later than the dates above you have to cover your own accommodation or food.

32 Participants

  • Citizens of France, Armenia, Georgia, Estonia (8+2 per country)

  • Age limit: 20-30

  • Gender balance: Equal number of male and female participants will be invited.

  • Priority given to participants with fewer opportunities.

  • Be committed to attend the full duration of the course and implement follow up and dissemination activities after the project.

  • Preferable: ability and willingness to contribute to lead a session or facilitate a group activity

Registration of participants is final only upon purchase of flight tickets and/or payment of the registration fee.

Registration feeAll participants have to pay 35 EUR registration feeation and food

The project will be implemented in the frame of the Erasmus + Programme:

Accommodation and food will be covered 100% by the organizer.

In Armenia, participants will stay in JR’s House Hostel in the heart of downtown Yerevan where all major attractions are within walking distance.

Towels are available in the rooms. There is WiFi Internet Connection in the reception hall 

Participants will share rooms. 4-8

Participants will be provided with three meals per day & a coffee break.

Important notice on food: Please, keep in mind, that the provided food may differ from the food you are used to have in your country, and, even in case of providing food for special groups, e.g. (if you are heavily meat eater or vegetarian) it may not fully meet your expectations. We strongly recommend participants to inform the organizers IN ADVANCE about any special needs.

Travel and reimbursemenTravel expenses will be covered 100% according to Erasmus + limits as follow:



Calculated start city

Maximum Reimbursement amount


Poitiers France

EUR 530






Fully covered due to short distance



EUR 360

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