Our Activities

Clown Workshops:
This workshop offers to experiment a mode of expression without judgment nor evaluation, it’s non-performance, non-competition and non-comparison, while listening to oneself and others, and with kindness.
Galerie Photos 

The citizen clown in Gabès (Tunisia 2015):
During our participation in the World Social Forum in Tunisia in 2015, we have selected a group of young Tunisians from Gabès, members and activists at the “ONG Green Future”.
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Erasmus + Youth and Sports:

We participated in meetings of professionals and volunteers of youth organizations around the following themes :

  • Portugal: “ North meets South” building partnership for youth exchange (2015)(Vila de Marmeleira )
  • Montenegro: “ Animate the change “ street camping (2016) (Ulcinj)
  • Finland: “peace building “ conflict resolution(2016) (Piispala)
  • Allemagne: “ refugees in europe and youth work “ (2016) (Berlin)
  • Ukraine: “study visit” after the Maïdan (Kiev, Vinnitsa, Liviv)

The Dabkeh:
Documentary film by Philippe TEISSIER.
We plunge into different worlds that constitute the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank. The director gives the floor to young Palestinians who practice “dabkeh” -a traditional dance of the Middle East- to express their identity and their resistance to the occupation.

Projects of actions with refugees:
Because of the personal and professional history of its members, the association “The 1000 and 1 Worlds Dividend” is particularly concerned by the situation of refugees and asylum seekers.

The questions that have arisen to us concern the accompaniment towards socialization in France, the acquisition of the French language and the elements of the French culture, taking into consideration the trauma of the exile and the conditions of traviling, the valorization of human potentials and initiatives of individuals.


Workshops Of The Therapy Art:
We are preparing for the year 2017 and following, Art Therapy workshops led by us and our partners. We want to diversify the practices and create a center of reflection and experiences, especially towards refugees.
We also propose to the partners to use our workshop “The Dairy of Miles and 1 Worlds” that we present here.

Welcome volunteers in civic service:
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  • University of ” Poitiers Master Pro Migrations Internationals “:
     Initiation to the practice of the clown in a holistic perspective.
  • CREPS de Poitiers BPJEPS (Professional Youth Popular Education and Sports):
     Initiation to the practice of the clown: reconnect oneself for a better connection with others.
  • Sensitization to the issue of social animation towards “refugees” and construction of activity projects.